Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp (Universität Bremen) veröffentlicht gemeinsam mit Prof. Dr. Nick Couldry (London School of Economics and Political Sciences) eine Monographie zur medienvermittelten Konstruktion der Wirklichkeit.

Aus der Verlagsankündung:

An original theoretical take on the contemporary social and technological environment and on the present understanding of mediatization, reflecting on Berger and Luckmann’s ‘The Social Construction of Reality’.

“This book by Couldry and Hepp might well become a new classic in the theory of the social, on par with Elias and Latour. . Mandatory reading for everyone who seriously reflects on the implications of contemporary media systems and practices on society.”
José van Dijck, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
“An excellent and pathbreaking book.”
Anthony Giddens, member of the House of Lords, former director of the London School of Economics and Political Science
“An indispensable contribution to social theory in communication research and media sociology.”
Leah Lievrouw, University of California, Los Angeles
Das Buch erscheint im britischen Verlag Polity. Weitere Informationen sind hier abzurufen.