The claim to measure education is as old as teaching and learning processes have been offered and organized in an institutionalized form. The aim was and is to improve and optimize learning and education. The central hope is to be able to better support individual learning through the collection of data and the use of metrics. This measurement has gained momentum through the various PISA studies of the last 20 years and will continue to increase due to the possibilities of processing digital data of all kinds.

This new anthology takes a critical look at the datafication of education through contributions from interdisciplinary perspectives. The results are based in part on the research conducted as part of the joint project “All Is Data”, which Prof. Mandy Schiefner-Rohs (RPTU Kaiserslautern-Landau), Prof. Sandra Hofhues (Fernuni Hagen) and Prof. Andreas Breiter (ZeMKI and ifib) carried out with their teams. On the other hand, guest contributions were invited to broaden the diversity of perspectives.

Doreen Büntemeyer, the ZeMKI members Prof. Dr. Andreas Breiter, Adrian Roeske and the former ZeMKI member Dr. Irina Zakharova are involved. The publication is available in Open Access.

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