On July 1, ZeMKI and the Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute in Hamburg started their joined research on the transformation of public communication in times of deep mediatization. The three projects are funded by the German Research Association (DFG).

The ZeMKI is investigating the question of how the organization(s) of journalism are changing and what this means for journalism practice.

The aligned projects are part of the larger research network “Communicative Figurations”. It investigates the consequences of the changes in media and communication for culture and society. In the project “Pioneer Journalism The re-figuration of journalism’s organizational foundations”, Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp, Dr. Leif Kramp and Hendrik Kühn from ZeMKI, together with Prof. Dr. Wiebke Loosen and Paul Solbach from the Leibniz Institute for Media Research | Hans Bredow Institute, are jointly researching new forms of journalism, called pioneer journalism. These are aimed at redefining news work, its function, achievements, structures and practices. Media and digital technologies play a decisive role and often form the basis for new developments. The project asks what role pioneer journalism plays in the transformation of public communication.

The projects “Journalism and its audience: The re-figuration of journalism’s organizational foundations” and “Public connection: Individuals’ media repertoires and the re-figuration of publics“ are located at the Leibniz Institute for Media Research. They deal with how journalism’s relationship to its audience is changing and how people connect to different publics through their individual use of media.

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