KoFi members Prof. Dr. Andreas Hepp and Prof. Dr. Wiebke Loosen publish paper on pioneer journalism in the journal Journalism.

Andreas Hepp and Wiebke Loosen of the research network Communicative Figurations published a paper titled „Pioneer journalism: Conceptualizing the role of pioneer journalists and pioneer communities in the organizational re-figuration of journalism“ in the current edition of the journal Journalism. Goal of the paper is to present the concept of ‘pioneer journalism’ as a new form of organization and experimental practice to redefine the field of journalism in times of deep mediatization. In doing so they look at five extreme cases of pioneer journalists through explorative interview analysis.

Further insights in the presented concept is also the goal of the new DFG funded project “Pioneer Journalism: The re-figuration of journalism’s organizational foundations” by Wiebke Loosen, Andreas Hepp and Leif Kramp.

The full paper is published in open access and can be read here.